A Solution That Turns Weeks Into Hours
Imagine users automatically receiving reports by email on the first morning of every month. They also receive reports customized to meet specific needs whether for sales support, compliance, customer service, or SEC filings. Additionally, users would have the flexibility of receiving reports in a variety of file formats such as MS Excel™, MS Word™, or Acrobat PDF™.
Now imagine that your agents or consumers could have instantly updated website access to view, print, or email custom reports. More than mere compliance, these reports could be creative, interactive sales and educational tools to support your marketing efforts.
Next think how happy marketing will be to have a dedicated resource at a reasonable cost for special purpose requests to create important sales presentations or performance surveys, often with a 24 hour turnaround. In addition, because new products and enhancements are implemented well ahead of schedule, they get out on the street faster to accelerate sales.
You’re confident that your reports are accurate and consistent because the content comes from a single controlled source. You can rely on audit reports that are available to answer questions and ensure accuracy. And the best part is that this is all done without disruption of your valuable internal resources with an efficient and automated process that saves you money.
The Common Dilemma Companies Face:
Performance calculations can be very complex and many admin systems provide little or no support in this area. As such, the responsibility for meeting these needs often falls upon scarce internal accounting, actuarial, and IT resources, in conflict with the month end crunch of their primary responsibilities. So companies end up feeling like they only have two options:
(1) Do they want to divert their valuable internal resources?
(2) Or do they settle for inadequate performance reporting support?

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