On-Line Demo Tools and Sample Reports

These are samples of the kinds of tools and reports we can provide. We can build custom tools to meet your particular needs.

Web-based Sales Tools 

We can transparently host these tools, customized to your specifications, so that all you need to do is add a link to your website. You can load these into a frame on one of your pages, or as a simple pop-up window as demonstrated below.

Click to review our Historic Fund Performance Demo
This simple agent tool illustrates historical performance for pre-defined asset allocation portfolios in a variable annuity product. It demonstrates how long term investing and asset allocation reduces risk and fluctuation based upon historic asset class returns. Various charts, graphs, and variances are illustrated. Help links throughout explain terminology and use. The tool also creates flexible PDF reports that can be created by the user, suitable for printing or emailing. Here's a sample PDF report.
Click to review our Dynamic Best-To-Worst Chart Demo
This agent tool is a dynamic version of the traditional "Best-To-Worst" chart. It demonstrates how asset allocation portfolios compare to individual subaccounts or asset classes. Personalized formatted PDF reports can also be generated with one or more variations of these charts. The reports can also be combined with the Historic Growth illustrations above. Here's a sample PDF report.
Click to review our Performance Pop-Up Demo
This demo provides a sample of a small but useful tool that can be integrated into your own company site. It calculates portfolio and individual asset class performance for pre-defined risk portfolios. This version uses asset class returns, but it could also use subaccount returns.

Static Periodic Reports 

Here's a typical sample monthly subaccount performance report. We can design these to your specifications and produce them by the first business morning of the month, either by email or hosted on our web server.
Here's a monthly asset allocation subaccount performance report. This report provides performance for nine different asset allocation portfolios for demonstration purposes. We can generate individual portfolio reports as well.
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